The bestselling CHARLIE CHANGES INTO A CHICKEN is out NOW from Puffin (Penguin Random House, and in 22 other countries!).

So what’s it about then?

Charlie McGuffin tries to be an optimist, but in reality he's a bit of a worrier.

Some of the things Charlie is worried about:

· His brother (who is in hospital)

· Their very panicked parents

· Unwanted attention from the school bully

· The fact that he's started turning into animals!

Even though every kid wants a superhero power, Charlie isn't keen on turning into a pigeon in the middle of the school play.

But what happens if he does? Will he get sent away for Science to deal with? Will his parents crack under the extra stress?

With the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way of dealing with his crazy new power - and fast!

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